Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Weekly Ramble #30


The weekly face:
Can you believe that it is December already? I usually put my tree up on the first weekend in December but I haven't had time. I am definitely doing it next weekend though.

On Monday we took Karl back to the vets for his check up - he is completely fine and the vet has recommended that he eats Ryvitas to keep his teeth nice and short. He seems to like them which has surprised me, they are possibly one of the most tasteless things in existence.
Wednesday involved a quick jaunt to the Trafford Centre, which means that I have finished my Christmas shopping! The only other thing that I would ideally like to pick up is that mega Soap and Glory set that Boots sometimes reduce to £27. We went for some food at Ma Potters which was delicious, I sometimes struggle finding tasty vegetarian options but I was spoilt for choice.

On Thursday there was a bit of an awards do at work, it is so embarrassing standing up in front of loads of people. At least I didn't fall over which was my main worry. The purpose of the awards was to celebrate Adult Learners and everyone that achieved something educationally in the past year gets a fancy scroll and some recognition.

On Saturday we went to watch the new Hunger Games film, Catching Fire. I am one of those people that usually don't like the film if I have read the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait for the third installment.

Today we are off to the Manchester Christmas Markets, we go every year and have some Gluvine and a delicious crepe.

See you next week!