Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Furry Friend Tag


Danielle from Underland to Wonderland has tagged me do post all about my furry friend(s)! Obviously you all know Karl and his daft head by now but you will also be meeting some of the other little fellas who have captured my heart. 

Thank you Danielle for tagging me, and go check out her blog - she is a total animal nut like my good self!

If any of you have done this tag please leave your link in the comments section - I do love a good pet post! Right, enough wombling on, on to the questions:

1. What is his/her name? His name is Karl.
2. When did you get him/her? We got him in September 2011.

Karl as a baby bunny
3. What is something he/she does that annoys you?
Stamping in the middle of the night and waking me up! I have to go and check on him though just in case he is frightened.

4. What type of breed is he/she?

Karl is a miniature English Lop rabbit.

5. Has he/she ever had a near death experience?

Sadly yes, when we had only had him a few months he stopped eating/drinking and developed something called Stasis. This is when the bunny's intestine gets full and stops moving things along and can be fatal. It was caused because of his back teeth over-growing and causing him pain so he didn't want to eat anything. Luckily we now know the signs of him having sore teeth so it hasn't happened since.

Oh, James also dropped him on the day we brought him home, such a wriggly little fella.

6. Does he/she know any tricks?

I don't know if it counts, but he can throw an empty pop bottle up in the air!

7. Does he/she love to snuggle?

Sometimes, mostly he just likes to run about like a lunatic who has had too many blue Smarties. He does give good cuddles especially if he senses that you are upset. He also gives kisses if he is feeling generous!

8. Where did you get him/her?
James' colleague Jenny's bunnies had a second litter and I just knew that I wanted him. Prior to Karl we have only ever had hamsters which don't live long enough so it's too heartbreaking.

9. Does he/she get along with other dogs?

I wouldn't think so as he likes to be the boss!

10. Does he/she get along with strangers?

He is really good with new people, especially kids. As long as you let him come to you then he is fine.

11. How much does he/she weigh?

He weighs 1.5kg.

12. Do you ever dress him/her up?

Not really... 
13. Has he/she ever tried to run away?
As he is an indoor bunny he hasn't had the chance, he would soon come back though, no one else would put up with his naughtiness.

14. How did you come up with his/her name?
As mentioned previously we have always had hamsters which have had slightly unusual hamster names (Barry, Mark and Jeremy) and we needed something to fit our theme of slightly older males. We are also both super obsessed with Karl Pilkington so he ended up being Karl. Or Don Karlo if he is being naughty.

L: Jeremy, R: Mark  

 15. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
I really couldn't put a number on this - he is my actual world.