Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rituals... Life is a Journey Car Perfume #BBBBeautyBox II


Yet another item from the #BBBBeautyBox - it has turned out to be quite the investment!

I thought I would do a post about the Car Perfume by Rituals... because I thought it would make an excellent stocking filler for those awkward people that we all know and love.

The fragrance that I have is Sandalwood so definitely unisex. The instructions are totally noob proof, you just pull the silver strip out and attach the little clip thingy to the back and attach to your air vents.

It looks very sleek and sophisticated and just the name "Car Perfume" makes it feel more luxurious. This would also be perfect for people that don't like to hang anything off their rearview mirror (Dad I am looking at you!). That personally doesn't bother me but I do like seeing this in my car.

The scent is very relaxing and clean smelling, definitely not overpowering but not too subtle either.

Please excuse my dusty dashboard, but I thought it would be useful to see it in situ as you can't really gauge the size from the first pictures.

You can purchase the Rituals... Car Perfume from here for £10. It comes in 4 varieties so there should be something for everybody.