Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Weekly Ramble #25


The weekly face:
This week didn't start particularly well, I have been full of a cold and really exhausted boo. You know it's bad when people keep telling you that "you're even paler than usual"! Cheers.

On Thursday I had my injections so I should be raring to go over the next couple of weeks hooray.

The main event this week was going seeing HIM at Manchester Academy on Thursday. They are my absolute all time favourite band so I tend to watch them every time they come to the UK. Their new material isn't great if I'm honest, but they always play a good mix of old and new so I can't complain.

On Friday James and I had the day off work, by this time I had given him my germs so he was feeling rather sorry for himself. We just dossed about the house and caught up on some Breaking Bad.

My plans for next week are to try and get back into my gym routine, I've struggled with being ill and trying to get up at 5:30 to go! I've also eaten really badly, feed a cold and all that, so need to get back on the wagon.