Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lush Fresh Face Mask - Brazened Honey


If you are a fan of Lush you will know that you can trade in 5 empty black pots for a Fresh Face Mask.

I have used quite a few of them before including; Love Lettuce, Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior.

The Brazened Honey mask is for when you want to detox your skin.

It doesn't look too appealing but it smells lovely, somewhat floral but quite a licorice smell. You keep this in the fridge and then just take it out when you want to use it. As it has been refrigerated it feels lovely and cooling on the skin.

There is a full ingredient list on the website, but the main properties of this mask are:
  • antiseptic
  • moisturising
  • detox
  • stimulate
  • degrease
  • exfoliate
As it claims to target so many issues then I think that this mask would be suitable for everyone. I found that my skin felt less oily, softer and generally more radiant.

This is £5.95 for a 75g pot which is reasonable as you know that you are getting fresh active ingredients. You do have to use this within 3 weeks of opening to get the best effects.

What are your favourite Lush products? Or face masks in general?

Here we have Karl having a staring competition with my feet: