Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Weekly Ramble #17


The weekly face:

As Monday was a Bank Holiday this week I met my friend Rachel for some lunch and just had a really chilled day. I also managed to get all of the housework done, it's so much easier just coming home to a clean and tidy house after a long day at work.

On Wednesday it was mine and James' 4th wedding anniversary. I really don't feel old enough to have been married for 4 years. James got me a Thomas Sabo bracelet and a little bunny charm for it, there's a picture on yesterday's post! He also got me Gus and Jaq (from Cinderella) and they are currently residing on our bed. There will be no room for James soon I think!

I got him a 3DS so that I can beat him at Pokèmon when X and Y comes out. We are that cool. We also went for a lovely Italian meal to celebrate.

The spending ban is going okay, but I have ordered myself 3 pieces of jewellery from Black Tied. As everything is so reasonable and it is my birthday on the 12th I have decided to treat myself!
Hope you have all had a smashing week