Thursday, 19 September 2013

Barry M - TMLP


I haven't really seen many reviews floating around of this lipstick from Barry M.

As you can see, it is just basic black packaging not really giving a hint as to what is inside.

The shade is called TMLP which from what I can gather means "Touch of Magic Lip Paint", I can see why they shortened it.

The idea behind this is that once applied, the bullet reacts with the pH level of your lips to determine how pink it will go. In theory it should be your perfect shade.

I originally swatched this on my hand and wasn't really impressed, it was very pale and I thought it wouldn't show up on my lips:

As you can see it is a lot more vibrant on the lips so don't go off the color payoff if you try it on your hand.

This is currently not on Boots or Superdrug's website but I know that both are still stocking it. This was £4.49 which is reasonable in my humble opinion. I think that this is a nice idea and haven't really seen anything else like it.

The one issue I have with this is, because it goes on clear it is hard to see where you have done and is quite tempting to keep swiping over the same place - I can assure you that was not a good look.

Here we have Karl being a farmer: