Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Weekly Ramble #14


The weekly face: 

Firstly, how wild is my hair in this picture! This was taken on our return from Southport, really should have had the foresight to do it before hand!

This week I had my B12 injection finally! It feels a lot longer than 11 weeks since I had my last one. Hopefully I should start perking up and have tonnes more energy.

On Friday James' parents came up to visit so we took them to the Trafford Centre for a spot of tea, golf and shopping! I may have accidentally bought 2 MAC lipsticks and James got me a Flounder from the Disney shop. He is now sitting happily on my bed next to Nemo.

As they stayed over we went to Southport yesterday as they have never been. Southport is one of my favourite places to go of a weekend, my Grandma used to always take me and it was always such a fun day out. We played mini golf, had chips by the pier and walked out to see the sea. I also had the most delicious ice cream known to man.

Hope you have all had an excellent week.