Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Weekly Ramble #13


The Weekly Face:

I always think that my weeks have been quite quiet, but writing this I have actually done loads! On Tuesday we went to the Trafford Centre for some tea and a spot of shopping, but Boots had no Babylips, what a let down! Tea was lovely though as we went to GBK which is always a winner.

On Wednesday we went to my mums as I haven't seen her in 3 weeks or so, always good to catch up. While I was there my friend chopped my hair and it looks so much healthier.

On Thursday I went to Manchester with work which was a total trek. I don't think I could face that commute every day. As the meeting finished at 1pm we had a little afternoon shop in the city centre.

On Friday I picked up a cheeky order from Boots, should be posting about my purchases in the weeks to come so keep your eye out for those! After Boots we came home to build Karl's birthday present which is today! It is a huge castle and I will try to get a picture up of him using it.

Yesterday I went to Southport with 4 of my friends for the day. To sum up it was a very drunken affair with lots of food involved. Can't wait to do it again.