Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Liz Earle - Body Try-Me Kit(*)


I was recently sent this Try Me Kit from Liz Earle for recommending a friend to their skincare.

My friends always come to me for their skincare woes which makes me happy that I am able to help someone. I do wonder if they think it strange that I know about so many products though!

Anyway, on to the actual goodies:

The kit contains:

A 50ml Energising Body Scrub
A 30ml Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash
A 30ml Energising Body Lotion
A 30ml Nourishing Botanical Body Cream

Which is all presented in a lovely little bag which would be perfect for popping in your weekend bag.

I have used the Orange Flower body wash and the Nourishing Botanical body cream previously, which I absolutely love. The Orange Flower range is quite a herby scent and definitely unisex. The body cream is very nourishing on the skin and has a light fragrance, again I would say that this is unisex.

The two that I hadn't used before I was really excited to try. The Energising Body Scrub is a really good body exfoliator and makes light work of those bumps that I get on the tops of my arms, and any little ingrown hairs from shaving. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, very fresh and quite earthy I would say.

The Energising Body Lotion was really lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. I have just been popping this on after a shower and there is hardly any drying time at all.

I have just looked on the website and the Body Try-Me Kit retails for £20.75 which I think is excellent value. Each of these products is lasting me a good amount of time so don't be put off by the size.

Here we have Karl being wary of his massive castle: