Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Empties #1


I think you really get a better idea of products when you have used them all up so thought I would share with you what I used up recently:

Pantene Aqualight Shampoo - £3.68 for 400ml. This is my favourite shampoo ever (yes I am that sad). My hair goes greasy quite quickly but this really makes it feel super clean and super soft, so much so that I can go an extra day without washing.
Repurchase? Definitely 

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £9.45 ish for 250g. My very last bottle all used up. You can only get this at Christmas from Lush which is what makes it such a firm favourite no doubt, wanting what you can't have and all that. It is bright pink and full of glitter and smells of bubblegum and rainbows. Seriously amazing.
Repurchase? Definitely

Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life (body exfoliator) - £2.50 for 50ml. This smells like the normal Soap and Glory "pink" fragrance, and is quite scrubby but not too harsh. Surprisingly this has lasted me a long time for such a tiny tube.
Repurchase? More than likely

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil - £20 for 2g. I love love love using this over my foundation to set it for the day. It never cakes, oxidizes or any of the horrible things you hear about. It has a blurring effect to help mask imperfections.
Repurchase? When I get paid!

St Ives Scrub (facial exfoliator) - £4.29 for 150ml. The one that I have just finished is the one for blemishes. I wouldnt say that it has had much effect on blemishes but is really good at clearing dry skin and those horrible forhead bumps.
Repurchase? Probably, maybe a different one than the blemish prone.