Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Weekly Ramble #10


The weekly face:

This week has been super hectic at work and I have had to go to loads of meetings, which is a bit rubbish because our office is one of the only ones that has air con, just wanted to stay in there and keep cool.

On Thursday we watched Taken 2 which was good - but as everyone says - not as good as the first! Apparently they're bringing out a third which is good news!

Friday was quite hectic, after getting home at 6pm (I'm supposed to finish at 4 on a Friday boohoo), my mum and dad came round for a catch up as they have been away this week. As usual they brought me some lovely flowers which are now brightening up the conservatory.

After mum and dad had left my friend Rachel came for a bit of a girly catchup, we used to work together and don't really get to see eachother that often now so that was fun.

Yesterday I met my friend Ellen for a spot of lunch and to give her her birthday goodies! It's not her birthday til a couple of weeks so I told her she can't open them.

Today I plan to catchup on the housework (the joys of being a homeowner.) and just try to have a bit of a chill. I love Sunday because of BBloggers of course, and the fact that The Returned is on! Getting quite addicted to it even though it freaks me out quite a lot.

Another thing this week is that I reached 50 followers on Bloglovin', I'm so happy and planning a giveaway at 100 (tell your friends!)

Hope you have all had a good week!


Kayleigh x