Thursday, 4 July 2013

Collection - Cover Up Stick


As you probably know by now I am trying to stop buying as many high end products and look for cheaper alternatives instead. I don't necessarily think that you get what you pay for with all makeup but I always feel more compelled to buy the more expensive stuff. Marketing clearly works on me eh ;)

I bought the Collection Cover Up Stick for  grand total of £1.99 from Boots. Well that's a bit of a fib really, I bought it with points as I was really struggling cash wise in May.

I don't ever really use concealer on spots or discolouration because I just find them to highlight the problem even more. My one use for a concealer is the dreaded panda eyes, which sounds quite cute but definitely not a good look.

I find this concealer to be very cakey, hard to blend and just a bit naff in general. In its defense I think I bought the wrong one anyway, the one I needed was the "Illuminating Touch Concealer". Anyway, I digress, but I do think that this one is more for covering spots? Who knows, total minefield.

Top: Swatched, Bottom: Blended
Excuse my massive man hand in that picture, it actually blends into my hand really well, just not my face.

Now this is also quite a scary picture, hope I don't frighten you all off with my no makeup. The eye on the left (my right eye) has got the concealer on, the other one hasn't got anything on at all.

Do you use anything from Collection? More specifically have you used the Illuminating Touch Concealer?

Here we have Karl laughing at me for buying the wrong thing:


Kayleigh x