Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Weekly Ramble #6


The weekly face:
This week was our first ever Rounders match/lesson and was the most fun I have had in ages. I hadn't played since I was at school so was a bit nervous about remembering everything and competing against serious people. When we turned up it was just our team so didn't feel as much as a prat missing the ball and running like a pregnant duck (my bosses words, not mine). The hour and a half passed really quickly and must have been good exercise because I was still sore on Friday morning! I have been so good going to the gym and that this week too, quite proud of myself!

I have also read a really good book this week, "The Dead Sea Deception" by Adam Blake. If you are into The Da Vinci Code or any other sort of religious conspiracies then this is for you. It felt very original and fresh to read without the same predictable plot twists. Just had a quick mosey on Amazon and there is a sequel - wahey no doubt I will be tracking that down in the near future :)

Yesterday was my dad's birthday so we went to see him in the afternoon. I won't get to see him today though boohoo because he is working! Who works on Father's Day honestly. He was made up with his pressies and we had a big fat Chinese for tea, yum yum. I love going to see my mum and dad because I always walk away with some goodies or other (that's not the only reason of course!) - they got me some lovely flowers which are now brightening up my conservatory.

The main highlight of my week was that my all-time favourite band ever have announced that they will be touring the UK later this year. This will be I think the 15th time that I have seen HIM live and I honestly can't wait! Presale tickets are Wednesday so I can hopefully book straight away, thank god for O2 eh?


Kayleigh x