Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Weekly Ramble #5


The weekly face:

This week I found out that I passed my NVQ/QCF from last year wahey! I got about 15 (no exaggeration) certificates through the post. Such a happy bunny ^.^ even happier that work paid for me to do it. The one I have just passed was a Level 2 in Business and Administration QCF, it was a bit long winded and boring but these things open doors.

This week my workmates and I decided to form a rounders team, the first meet up is on Monday and I am quite nervous! Haven't played rounders in about 7 years so should be a laugh. I used to be quite good but the only sort of games I play these days are of the pixelated variety.

On Wednesday we went to Little Fifteen's for my friend's birthday, the food was actually amazing and the diet well and truly went out of the window. If you ever get the chance to go to a Little Fifteen or a Fifteen then definitely do, they do look kind of ropey and a bit dodgy but the food is a taste sensation.

Today I am off to Liverpool with my Mum for a spot of shopping! She is desperate for some new clothes and I obviously had to accompany her (nothing to do with the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar I swear.) I love going to Liverpool for shopping and a spot of lunch as there is such a good variety of shops. The main things I need want to buy are some summery sandals which I have seen in Primark and some cute little frilly ankle socks.

I tend to dress half like a schoolchild and half like a Grandmother so I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in seeing #OOTD posts? I think I might give them a whirl but I am so horrendously un-photogenic so may need to build up a bit more confidence.

As always thanks for reading, and let me know about the outfit of the day posts! ^.^


Kayleigh x