Thursday, 20 June 2013

SBC Gels


I thought today I would share with you a few products that I use from SBC. SBC is primarily a brand that you would find in a salon, which is how I first discovered it.

I actually bought a set containing 5 SBC products when they were on QVC as their Today's Special Value. The one I bought contains a 1l Collagen gel, a 500ml Propolis gel, a 175ml Intensive Arnica warming gel, a 500ml Collagen shower creme and a 250ml Superfruits hand wash. Sadly I can't remember how much this came to but it was really good value compared to their website.

Anyway... onto the actual goodies! The one that I use most is the Propolis as I have quite problematic skin, especially in this indecisive weather. SBC say that you can use any of their gels under your normal moisturiser (face or body) to give it more of a kick. I just use this one on its own though. Propolis is made by bees in their hives and is known to be antibacterial and have soothing properties. I just pop this on of a morning after my toner and it sinks in really quickly.

If my skin is behaving itself I tend to reach for the Collagen gel instead. This is also lightweight and easily absorbed and I will use this before my normal moisturiser in a morning. Collagen is good for aging skin or skin that is a bit stressed out because of environmental changes.

My regular readers will know that I am something of a gym bunny and that I tend to lift weights at least twice a week - I'm stronger than I look ;). Nothing soothes aching muscles quite like the Intensive Arnica warming gel. Arnica is traditionally used to soothe aches and pains. It takes a bit of getting used to at first because it doesn't sink in, just sits on the surface making your skin tingle and getting warmer. I will say that I have put a bit of this on James when he has been moaning that he is aching and he doesn't find that it warms up at all for him. 

Finally we have the Collagen shower creme and the Superfuits handwash. I have actually used all of the handwash so no picture of that sorry! I found it to be very soothing on the skin and not drying like some soaps can be - the smell was delicious as well. The main flavours if you will are raspberry and cranberry. The Collagen shower creme smells lovely, and contains extracts of Passion Flower and Kukui Seed oils. This is very moisturising for a shower gel but I have just read that it is more suitable to a more mature or dry skin. I don't think that particularly matters as it is a delight to use.

Have you ever tried anything from SBC? What do you use for aching muscles?

Here we have Karl not being a fan of the gross weather either:


Kayleigh x