Thursday, 13 June 2013



I'm sure everyone has now heard/used the micelle solution from Bioderma by now but I only ever seem to see reviews on the original one with the pink lid (Sensibio H20).

After whinging on Twitter about my skin being a pest and not wanting to use a water based cleanser the lovely Sophie from A Hint of Sparkle... recommended Bioderma to me. After a persual on I decided that the "Bioderma Sebium H20" was for me as I suffer with oily skin and the occasional break out.

I mainly use this for taking my face off of an evening as it promises to remove every scrap of makeup whilst purifying and soothing.

I do find it to remove most makeup but not mascara, I don't even wear waterproof! I have tried leaving the cotton round on for 20 seconds but it doesn't quite remove it all.

It does feel very nice and refreshing on the skin while controlling oil production.

All in all I would recommend this - it is also currently on offer for £6.66 for 250ml at present.

Have you tried anything from Bioderma? Or can you recommend any water free cleansers?

Here we have Karl showing James who is boss:

As always thanks for reading :)


Kayleigh x